Viconic Energy Absorbing System



  • Loads up faster than foam
  • More stroke than foam
  • Highly efficient force vs. deflection curves



  • Customized performance – Impact absorber shape customized for each impact location, while competitive foam pads are mono-density
  • Easily tuned – Impact absorber stiffness tuned by changing sheet thickness without need to modify tooling
  • Stable – Impact absorber conforms to head shape and is suspended in shell to improve stability over foam pads
  • Recoverable – Protects against multiple impacts
  • Long life cycle – Made from durable and washable materials
  • Prototype tooling can be easily modified to adjust design parameters as needed
  • Customized structures and impact protection throughout the energy absorber
  • Rapid performance optimization



  • Rapid/low cost prototype development
  • Lower tooling cost than foam and injection molding


Storage and Transportation

  • Parts nest for up to 90% space reduction
  • Requires less plant floor space, lower shipping costs, lower handling costs