Viconic’s focus is to engineer solutions that provide the most effective protection from impact-related injuries. Our proprietary technology and engineered solutions are the future of sports safety.

Subject Matter Experts


Viconic’s technology has led the vehicle head impact market for over a decade. We utilize the same expertise to help protect the athlete. Our technology has been the solution for over 500 head, side and leg injury applications.

  • Viconic has developed an energy absorbing helmet system for a leading lacrosse brand
  • Most widely used technology in passenger car head injury protection
  • Fastest-growing technology in passenger car side injury protection
  • Viconic technology meets safety standards (FMVSS 201U, FMVSS 214, FMVSS 302, BSS 7239)
  • Capabilities include 3D product design, CAE mesh models, rapid prototype and production tooling
  • In-house dynamic and static test capabilities

Superior Protection


Viconic Sporting utilizes patented energy absorbing technologies that outperform the competition. When space is at a premium, Viconic products excel.

  • Maximum stroke efficiency provides enhanced impact protection
  • Engineered specifically for each impact environment
  • Solutions are customized to meet exterior styling objectives
  • Ultra resilient material designed for repeat impacts
  • Open cell design for maximum cooling and comfort

World-Class Manufacturing


Viconic Sporting is proud to be a successful small business with operations in Taylor, Michigan USA.
Our products are made and controlled in-house using state-of-the-art equipment and ISO/TS 16499 processes. Our mission is to “Create and Promote Excellence.”

  • Lean Six Sigma principles approach
  • Berry Amendment compliant
  • Flexible workcells allow for efficient production
    of high or low volume orders