Turf Underlayment Systems.

Viconic Turf Underlayment Technology

Viconic Sporting utilizes proven and patented energy absorbing technology to engineer and manufacture resilient energy absorbers that optimize the performance of synthetic turf systems and reduce the risk of mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and concussion. Our proprietary technology has been used for upper interior head impact protection in automotive for over a decade and leads the industry. It is currently in use on over 65% of vehicles sold in North America.


Benefits and Performance

  • Optimized to meet or exceed the playability requirements of FIFA, IRB, ESTO, and the NFL
  • Maximum stroke efficiency provides enhanced impact protection
  • Ultra resilient material designed for repeat impacts
  • Open cell design for optimal drainage and cooling
  • Engineered for simple and efficient installation
  • Excellent hydrolytic(wet) stability
  • Low-temperature flexibility
  • Microbial resistance
  • Resistance to weak acids/bases
  • Abrasion resistance


Cost and Transportation

  • 800% packaging density advantage over foam / competing underlayments
  • Cost effective worldwide delivery
  • Low installed cost per square foot